Domestic Rendering

Enhance the look & feel of your home

Northern Render Systems Ltd have 10 years’ experience in modern render systems so you can be confident we have the expertise to deliver your project to the highest possible standard. You can also be assured of a conscientious and personal approach to every project we do with customer satisfaction our main priority with much of our work coming by way of recommendations from happy customers.

We can offer all types of render solutions, so whether new build, refurbishment or replacement, we have the perfect high performance, low maintenance decorative solution for your project.


What types of Render do we offer?

Monocouche Renders

Monocouche or ‘one coat’ renders are a through coloured, cement or lime based, highly weather resistant decorative finish for application to masonry substrates. Also known as ‘scratch render’ these renders provide a one coat coloured render finish which is highly weather resistant and durable whilst still being permeable to water vapour allowing the structure beneath to breathe.

With hundreds of different colours to choose from these renders provide the perfect finish to any project.

Traditional sand and cement render relies on a 2 coat application with the decorative top coat requiring a mechanical ‘key’ from the base or ‘scratch coat’ beneath. This often leads to water getting between coats and causing one or both of them to fail. Traditional sand and cement renders are grey in colour and require painting regularly to maintain their decorative appearance.

Monocouche renders key directly to the substrate and form a single monolithic layer of coloured render to the building giving them a far longer life span and far superior performance and appearance to traditional renders. The added pigments mean that there is no need for painting and curing times are greatly reduced allowing a finished façade to be achieved far quicker than with traditional methods.

Synthetic Render Systems

Synthetic thin-coat render systems are suitable for application to masonry substrates, render carrier board or over insulation as part of an insulated render system. These systems include a mesh reinforced, polymer modified render base coat and are finished with high performance decorative finishes available in a wide variety of colours and textures.

The acrylic or silicone based textured coatings provide exceptional weather protection and water shedding ability as well as vapour permeability to allow the structure to breathe. The mesh reinforced backing coat and flexible synthetic finish make these systems less susceptible to surface cracks than cement based renders and they are highly resistant to soiling and surface growth. The polymer base coats are designed to adhere perfectly to the substrate and once fully cured, the primer and finish coat create a render system with a minimum life expectancy of 10 years.

EWI Systems

An External Wall Insulation system or EWI is a way of improving the thermal performance of a building by fixing rigid insulation to the outer skin of external walls and rendering over using a lightweight, mesh reinforced render system. EWI systems greatly improve the thermal performance of solid or uninsulated walls which can be responsible for around 45% of a building’s heat loss.

EWI systems are generally associated with refurbishment projects to improve the performance of existing buildings but there are many systems available for use on new- build projects. These can be used for steel or timber framed buildings or as part of traditional masonry construction. Insulating the outer skin of a building protects the entire structure from the elements and eliminates cold bridging, providing a very efficient and cost- effective way to insulate. Coupled with a high performance synthetic render, these systems are fast becoming the first choice for commercial and domestic projects alike.

External Rendering can transform the look of your home